Welcome to Cromatica 2015

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Cromatica2015 – The first edition of the Festival of Italian LGBT* choruses
Bologna, May 30 and 31 2015

Cromatica 2015 is two days of music, of conviviality, and of equal rights for all.
It is a national event that will set the tone for the Pride season.
Cromatica 2015 will bring together the Italian LGBT* choruses for a unique show that will strongly unite the voice of all those who advocate for Italy a future of equality and identical rights and duties in front of the law, for a healthier, happier and more just society.
Are you involved with a LGBT* chorus, and would you like to participate? Then contact us. Cromatica 2015 is organized by Komos, the gay men’s chorus of Bologna, on behalf of CoCorIta, the association of Italian LGBT* choruses.

About Bologna

If you have already visited Bologna, then you probably know everything already. You know that Bologna is one of the most important cities in Italy for the arts, with a fascinating historic downtown core and many extraordinary museums.
Bologna is a very liveable city with picturesque streets and porticos, shops, restaurants and bars. It is a very welcoming community and the capital of a region that has been open for thousands of years to the positive exchange of ideas, people, and culture.
You also know that Bologna is the historic capital of the Italian LGBT* movement, and that the progressive culture of its citizens is the model for the whole country of Italy.
To know more, visit the touristic portal of the city

City of Music

You also probably know that Bologna is the only city in Italy to have been designated by UNESCO as “City of Music”, a recognition that is awarded to cities that cherish and promote the universal role of music as essential support for social well being and civil discourse.

The city is also member of the UNESCO International Coalition of Cities against racism. This completes the picture of a city that wants to be a leader in the international landscape of a global society that is more just, open, and equal.

So, if you know all this, don’t wait. Support and come to Cromatica 2015.



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